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Aerosol Box Intubation Shield

Clear poly carbonate Aerosol Box intubation shield provides additional protection to medical workers and physicians performing intubations. This shield does not come assembled, it will arrive flat packaged and requires assembly. Simply remove the protective masking and snap the sides together placing the tabs through the slots and pushing until the tab locks into the slot securely. The shield should be wiped with alcohol after assembly, before use and after use. The "Aerosol Box" was designed by Lai Hsien-yung to give additional protection to medical workers in facilities that were running out of resources.

aerosol box intubation shield for sale - fast shipping nationwide

Clear poly carbonate Aerosol Box intubation shield
Durable high impact poly carbonate snap together construction
Assembles and disassembles without tools - reusable and washable
Packaged flat to save cost on shipping - Assembles to aprox.  20"x20"x16
Will not break if dropped or bent - poly carbonate is better than acrylic

We have done our best to remove the major costs involved to provide you with a

quick and affordable solution during this time of crisis. No gluing or fabrication

is needed to bring these into production reducing labor cost. These can be shipped

flat in a slender package to reduce the large shipping cost involved with

larger package sizes. Using high impact poly carbonate we have reduced or

possibly eliminated possible breakable during shipping or use, all aimed at

reducing the cost to you and getting you an aerosol box intubation shield asap.